The Tactile Comfort of Massage Linens


Musing on how much we look forward to receiving bodywork, to receiving therapeutic touch, receiving kindness through this touch. Soreness in our muscles yanks at us, the tension in our bodies piles up and pulls us off course, and the energy drain of these imbalances weighs us down; so whatever the cause or reason for how we feel off kilter, massage is generally always something we feel uplifted about. What I find really lovely, interesting, and pertinent to why I started this blog, is how many clients over the years have expressed their liking of simply having the linens arranged over them; continuously shifted and re-draped during the massage session, like origami respectfully and carefully done.

I confess that while I love pleasant, tactile sensations and certainly delight in receiving massage, I have not payed as much attention to how nice the linens feel around you during a session. Yet I’ve always been very aware of how it might feel to the recipient as I work, so as I drape, I’m conscious of the different folds and layers of the linens and blankets, both in how they look and how they look like they feel. How are they laying across the client? Are they pulling too much, or feeling too tight, too heavy, or too loose? Is there ease in how these materials rest on the person, covering them with respect, warming them just enough, enfolding them in a way that matches the caring, professional, goal oriented intention of the work? Details matter. All our actions and intentions speak more loudly than our words.

A client of mine recently mentioned how the linens being moved around made her more aware of her own body, of areas that might be more tense than she realized, of imbalances that were spot specific that she was unaware of until she felt the drapes shift. I loved hearing her insight and experience; very unique to her and a reminder to me as well. Now I expand my own awareness from doing the draping and being attentive to how it could feel, to myself receiving it when I get bodywork done. Any reminder to be in the moment, enjoying simple sensations in a meditative kind of way, is lovely, mindful gift.


Copyright © by Lara Stillo 2016



I have been licensed and working full time in the massage therapy field since 2001, teaching and writing MT courses since 2006. My experience has led me through working with several different chiropractors, hotel and boutique spas, corporate massage, a climbing gym wellness center, private practice, two different massage schools, one acupuncture/massage college, and my current capacity of working with physical therapy clinics and their patients. And the learning continues…

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