Healing Old Scars


It interests me endlessly how the body reflects so much of what we’ve undergone and undergo in life, mirroring many aspects of who we are or have become. The tissue itself is filled with stories from our lives and experiences. Some things are more apparent, and some are hidden from view, but the physical body is a walking novel in its own way. While we cannot rewrite the past our body speaks of, we can amend some of how it presents today. Looking at how scar tissue easily piles up in the body from injuries, surgeries, and just ongoing usage, I marvel at how scar tissue can always be worked on and lessened, even if it’s been in place many years. Formed from collagen to bind an area together like a band-aid, scar tissue shortens the tissues, restricting movement both locally and along a chain of movement spreading away from the original location. We get used to our scars, their restrictions, and the change in how we move and feel, adapting while often feeling nagging discomfort. When scar tissue is worked on, it can feel intensely relieving or very uncomfortable, but it generally always feels freeing, on more than one level.

My thoughts here are not about how to work scar tissue (which can be covered another time). Instead, I wanted to present how wonderful it is that clearing restrictions from the tissue often times coincides with moving restrictions we actually feel in the mind and/or emotions; in clearing up the tissue, the mind and emotions can usually follow more easily. Rereading the first paragraph above with this perspective, it could translate as doing either emotional work or physical work. Not a new concept, of course – all relates to the idea of body/mind/spirit being inextricably interwoven. Excluding congenital issues and viewpoints on physical aesthetics, this instead highlights how things we experience and react to throughout our lives have a strong residual impact on our minds, hearts, and bodies, each of the three reflecting the other two.  Viewed from a place free from judgement, this way of interpreting then paints a beautiful, sad, human, inspirational, organic-animal, fragile, hope-filled reality. Old scars can be healed, on many levels of who we are, and we can continue to flow towards and through that all our lives.


Copyright © by Lara Stillo 2017