Life in the Face of Death

A difficult topic that we generally skirt around is ever present while living in a physical form – the death of that form. It’s a major driving force behind the anxiety any one of us can feel when bodies exhibit pain, dysfunction, or chronic problems. Questions of, will I ever feel better again, is this the new normal, am I breaking down, how do I resolve this, all arise. Death is not going away, so how do we take care of our bodies with this reality staring at us ongoing?

First off, stare back. Different from obsessing over, it is resolutely acknowledging, deeply feeling, and actually accepting. That can be very grounding right there. It also keeps the pendulum of our reactions from swinging too wide. Meaning, we don’t need to drop all health measure, stop moving, and refuse responsibility for health; nor need we become fanatical without focus. Instead, keep it steady and basic with good intention:  honor and love the physical body you came in with; know and accept that it requires more attentive care ongoing than anyone ever taught you; and stay responsible, aware, and genuinely interested in that care as able.

Easily said, right? People are complicated in their emotions and viewpoints which gets inextricably interwoven with physical self-care. So think on this – if we under-water a plant, it dies; if we over-water a plant, it dies. If we apply this simple example to our own bodies, it can be awakening and calming, with a more detached though caring perspective. How about, do what’s naturally indicated or more commonly understood: drink water, get enough sleep, eat for nutrition as well as enjoyment, keep moving, exercising, stretching. And so key, enjoy how that makes you feel better on many levels. Notice it, pay attention to it, respect it, apply it. There are many topics I could branch into here from the aforementioned; lack of resources and environmental pollution are truly grievous ones. Without any disrespect for these realities, I’m staying simple for now, suggesting being in your body, hearing its messages, knowing it’s not your vehicle forever, and loving, cherishing, and be interested in it as a part of who you are, with best intentions and as able. If we mind the messages the physical body sends, flowing on an even keel in responding to its well-being, there can be endless room to grow.

Copyright © by Lara Stillo 2017