Sensory Satisfaction


Fingers sinking into the base of the skull/the occiput, just the right level in this dense but sensitive tissue; pushing that tissue back and forth, easing movement back to the muscles and to the skull atop the spine. The taut edge of the upper trapezius firmly gripped, compressed, and slightly pulled back and down, freeing the neck from the often insistent yoke of the upper shoulders. Circular movements exploring around muscle attachments near the top of the thigh bone/the greater trochanter; creating space and freedom of movement at the top of the thigh, flexing, extending, walking, bending, kneeling. Fibrous bands of calf muscle tissue, restricting the flow of walking, receiving friction across and down the muscle fibers; feeling the ankle almost grow warm as it pushes back to a wider range of exploration again.

Short but sweet. Looking at what simply feels good in receiving bodywork and how difficult it can be to address in mere words (great and interesting as language is). Why aren’t there more words in written language to communicate well how incredible the body’s own language is? As I said, short and sweet and more to explore, likely forever. Enjoyment of the human, animal form and self-care to go alongside – cheers to that.


Copyright © 2018 by Lara Stillo