Bodies: Endless “Art” Projects

An interesting benefit of physical self-care, you’ll never be bored with it. Consider it darkly humorous, but it’s a practical point of view: bodies are constantly changing, require ongoing care and maintenance, and are endlessly complex. So why not find ways to enjoy the self-care? 

In either self-work or receiving bodywork from a therapist, noticing and sinking into sensations felt is always informative and usually just wonderful, even if moderate discomfort arises. The latter is not about “no pain, no gain.” I’m not suggesting that for soft tissue work. You should be able to breathe or even sometimes laughingly swear, and that tolerance range varies per person and per the work in the moment. It is about feeling, awareness, learning, changing, grounding, and definitely about enjoying. 

Consider what it feels like having tight upper shoulders worked open. We usually feel tightness or even pain in upper shoulders much of the time; upper shoulders being workhorses and stress carriers for most. As different muscle tissue is addressed, any small area can give quite different feedback sensations to us. Aching, sharpness, relief like a sigh, discomfort that surprises and educates – all bring us into our bodies, more present, aware, and awake. We can also feel emotions attached to the different physical sensations. Sometimes anger, sadness, fear, gratitude, appreciation, pleasure, warmth and more can be there. Ever interesting to notice emotions and physical sensations appear as the soft tissue is manipulated and coaxed open. Good changes are happening; things are transforming. 

Allowing ourselves to be brought back into the physical body, feeling what’s there, honoring and taking care of what is, is a sometimes challenging journey we all take in this life, but it can be a loving, engaging, transformative one, too.


Copyright © by Lara Stillo 2019