The Measure of Energy Work

Energy work is ever interesting to me, though I don’t technically practice it. When it comes to the physical body, I’m mainly drawn by substance and tangibility; guided by practicality, animal instinct, and understanding form and function. Recognizing that we are solid matter, yet that matter is also made up of energy (refraining from a physics discussion here), how do we feel energy work as an experience in the moment, or notice what it’s effecting for us individually in the results?

I notice something over and again in receiving bodywork regularly, teaching it for 13 years, practicing it for 18:  there are many wonderful techniques out there in energy work, but the most powerful one to me is the intention and presence of the person via their touch, whether it’s on the physical body or outside of it. I cannot find words lovely enough to describe the communication relayed from one person to another via pure kindness of intention, all techniques aside. The focus of caring, compassion, love, and humanity that can be conveyed is beyond language, with depths probably beyond my human understanding. And each person’s touch is unique because every individual is unique. A beautiful, wordless world of communication in endless variety.

Whether giving or receiving bodywork, enjoy noticing what’s being communicated and shared, what is being given, and how much we can actually feel without any need for meaning, explanation, or comprehension – simply sensing, feeling, and expanding into a larger, wordless language.

Copyright © 2019 by Lara Stillo