Focus and Presence in Physical Touch

Focused attention and being truly present can sometimes feel far-reaching in our fast-paced, distracted, contemporary life. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices often come up alongside these descriptions, but in this blog about the human body, health, and touch, I’m thinking of how these states work in massage; a physical communication from one body to another, where presence or the lack of it can make all the difference. 

When you focus in on a small area within a muscle needing support and relief, giving all your attention, intention, and presence to it, a “dialogue” without spoken language happens and a huge world seems to open. There is a feeling that time is suspended, and the physical, tangible, animal world of the human body seems deeper and more expansive than one could have ever imagined. Language is a beautiful art, but it does not always require actual words. In this example, touch and sensation are the language; no words in any created language are complex or broad enough to cover all they can convey. Whether you have a massage practice, work on family/friends, or do self-work, experiment even for just a few seconds with this level of presence and focus. Switching from the world of mind, thoughts, and words, and moving instead into physical body, feeling, and sensing. It can be a mysterious, beautiful journey where good growth and deeper healing can happen.


copyright © 2019 by Lara Stillo