Soothing via the Senses


While everyone’s needs are uniquely individual, to be soothed, calmed, and thus supported, is something we feel both emotionally and physically. We stroke our children’s hair, lay our hand gently on someone’s shoulder, and pet cats or dogs; all gestures of caring and support for the recipient, usually felt by the giver as well. It always amazes me how much unspoken content is conveyed through this kind of touch, as well as how sensory oriented it is. How much volume and depth is communicated via the senses, one individual to another, no words used, and none often needed. 

If working as a massage therapist, this can be a continual exploration, good boundaries in place, for learning how to do soft tissue work while still conveying a sense of soothing, calming, and caring. Beyond the massage world, anyone can continue to grow in these depths with loved ones, including oneself. So often we direct impatience and irritation towards our bodies; overworking, judging, fearing, and rejecting them. During these times, consider doing the opposite: apply lotion with care, appreciating that skin needs this support; use rollers and sports balls on tight muscles with the focused intent to help ease the area; or a bigger challenge, simply apply the light touch of your own hands holding your face as you proffer compassion back to the self, back to the body, and back into life.


Copyright © 2019 by Lara Stillo