Body Presence

I won’t forget the first time working with a client who was terminal; cleared by his doctor to receive massage for easing pain his last few weeks of life. When I saw him approaching the office, I was shaken by how much I could “see” death in the body. Anyone who has been around death will understand this. It’s something your animal senses tell you, more than anything your brain can communicate. That feeling was one of the two things impacting me most from the experience. The other was how this man I’d just met, spent the whole session saying goodbye to things he valued in life, and how those things were the simple, solid basics we can often take for granted. 

Segue to a completely different experience; a recent power outage in my area. A county wide black out, we were out of power several days/nights, with no let-up and no promise of when it might come back on. We’re used to certain levels of ease in this country with daily living:  the grocery store, heat and lighting, gas stations a few blocks away, fresh food storage and refrigeration, and more. Taking these things away for multiple days forces you into more physical awareness, present moment necessity, and a consciousness of what is actually vital.

Two unconnected stories swimming around in my consciousness, with very different contexts. What they highlight to me is focusing on what’s of value:   human connection and support, physical well-being, sharing with others, basic animal necessities like food and warmth, and being physically present in the moment. All these things take us back into the body, out of our often over-processing minds. Staying grounded, aware, and in touch with our body keeps us in the moment, available for some of the most important things in life, all situations. Let the body be the guide more often, navigating the different waves of life, allowing us to feel and sense what is truly of value.


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