The “Dumb” Animal Body?

Living in an animal body and having basic human ego creates clashes. Our minds want to be in control at all times; our bodies are wired to survive and thrive. The beliefs we hold in our mind versus what our bodies need often do not agree. If our body doesn’t allow us to do what our mind wants or believes to be right, we can feel anything from anger to depression to fear. Nature is definitely humbling, and not to be ignored.

I was very sick right after college, struggling with my health balance and body. The only exercise I could do was gentle movement in a pool; pulling and pushing my limbs through the resistance of water, feeling my heart beating hard within ribs, letting my lungs burn with labored breathing, fighting to pull myself out of the water with shaking muscles. I hated going to this olympic-sized pool where the master swimmers were performing, where I could barely get out on my own. But I went every day, moving my body in water, and ignoring all else because I knew it was what I had to do and I was grateful to move. Belief systems and viewpoints had to be tossed; body messages were the only thing to heed.

The more we can hear what our body prompts for, the better we can take care of our health, both present and future. Listen to what your body asks for, feel what it’s telling you, especially when it may feel opposite to what your mind wants. Go to bed earlier, drink more water, take in good nutrition, get out on more walks, use a foam roller, stretch daily – sometimes the simplest things are the most challenging. But they’re often the richest, deepest, and most rewarding.

Copyright ©2020 by Lara Stillo