The Body As Enjoyable Homework

I love learning a new subject I’ve chosen. But that’s the key, when we choose the subject, something we’re excited about. It’s the difference between taking a required class versus an elective one. Care of the human form is both:  a necessary class, yet a super interesting one we can find new ways to be engaged by all along. In our lifetimes, we don’t graduate from this class; it’s ongoing learning. If we allow ourselves to get into a mindset that’s curious and open, this required class and subsequent homework can be a huge, creative world.

Because we’re living in the homework we’re constantly working on, a certain level of detachment helps to keep good perspective. A challenge, but not so different from all the topics in school we’ve managed. And with this homework, it’s completely personal. The results are felt and seen by us daily.  It’s more than well worth investing in this class, staying creative in the homework, and remaining alert to our results. Simple example, stretch just a few minutes daily, but do every day and be very in the feeling of it, rather than rote, repetitive action. Time in front of the TV is a great space for this. 5, 10, 15 minutes of stretching – whatever we can manage – is time put back into our class, our homework, our ongoing learning. Using the foam roller, full body, a couple minutes a day; while a meal is cooking, a movie is playing, family/friends are doing with us, or anywhere we can organizationally attach it to another aspect of daily living. Remember, we’re in school; projects and homework are normal. We just need to organize when and where to do them.

Being able to enjoy our ongoing learning about the body, the creative energy that goes into homework, and the positive results we achieve all feeds right back into supporting and promoting growth of more of the same. So for this lifelong class on living in and taking care of the human form, let’s keep finding ways to enjoy the homework.

Copyright © 2020 by Lara Stillo