September 8, 2016

When meaning and reason are dropped from a physical, sensory experience, we are left without words, language, and thought. The tactile feeling alone remains. Living in a culture that celebrates the capabilities of the brain while primarily regarding the body only in a sexual or athlete/warrior capacity, focusing on any physical, non-sexual, sensory experience does not seem to have any place for us. What would be its relevancy?

Here again, maybe no words can explain this. Maybe none are needed. We exist as physical beings for a limited time span. That should be reason enough:  valuing a part of what we are. But if we look for reasons, increased physical awareness can promote better self-care, which can then improve health and create a higher quality of life. Having more connection to our physical body and its sensations also demands present moment awareness, which in turn supports emotional ease and balance, and higher mental clarity.

And now to come full circle, if we drop the meaning, the reason, and the explanation from a positive physical, sensory experience, does something we cannot give words or rationale to have value? As with so much in life, these are often the experiences or the somethings that are irreplaceable, impacting us the most deeply, existing in a huge wordless realm. I’d like to see if we can explore this realm, using massage therapy as the format and the individual body as our guide, allowing that which has often been disregarded return to a place of value.

Lara Stillo


I have been licensed and working full-time in the massage therapy field since 2001, teaching and writing MT courses since 2006, and I am certified in Orthopedic Massage. My experience has led me through working with several different chiropractors, hotel and boutique spas, corporate massage, a climbing gym wellness center, private practice, two different massage schools, an acupuncture/massage college, and my current capacity of working with  physical therapy clinics and their patients. And the learning continues…

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