September 8, 2016

When we drop intellectual thoughts around a physical, sensory experience, we don’t really have words to explain that experience anymore.  Only the feeling and the physical remain. Living in a culture that celebrates cognitive thought, but categorizes the body into sex, sports, or illness, how do we value basic, pleasant, physical sensory experiences?

We exist as physical, animal beings for a finite time. That’s reason enough to value the body and its sensations; because it’s an integral part of us while we live. More reasons? Better self-care from increased physical awareness, supporting health and boosting quality of life.  Better connection to our physical body also creates present moment awareness, which supports emotional balance and mental clarity.

Coming full circle, if we drop intellectual understanding from a positive physical, sensory experience, how do we define and value it? Like much in life, wordless experiences are often the deepest, most irreplaceable ones, the ones that impact us most. I’ll seek to explore that wordless physical realm, using massage therapy as a frequent format, and the individual body as guide.

Lara Stillo

I’ve been working professionally in the massage therapy field full-time since 2001, teaching and writing MT courses since 2006, and am certified in both Orthopedic Massage and Clinical Rehabilitative Massage. My experience has led me through working with different chiropractors, hotel and boutique spas, corporate massage, a climbing gym wellness center, private practice, two different massage schools, an acupuncture/massage college, and my current capacity of working with physical therapy clinics and their patients. And the learning continues…

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