Bodies Are Like Plants?


I often tell clients that bodies are like plants. Organic matter needing continued, consistent care:  water, food, fresh soil, sunlight, air. Plants poorly attended to, don’t thrive and will remain off-balance, usually resulting in steady decline. Bodies, too, need continued, consistent attention and support: hydration, good nutrition, movement, stretching, strengthening, aerobic exercise. All support us physically, while also affecting other aspects of our humanity (emotions, mind, and spirit).

A straightforward way of looking at self-care, part of why I use the example. Two other important reasons for the comparison. One, you can always buy a new plant, but the human body we’re motoring around in is not to be replaced, even if it may be repaired, retrained, and rebalanced. Two, most of us view things from an intellectual standpoint; we see ourselves as an ego, a personality, a set of emotions, a set of thoughts. The physical reality of needing to tend well, consistently, and in multiple ways to a human body – like caring for a plant – usually gets our attention only when we’re in discomfort or pain.

All bodies need a lot of care to thrive. And just like plants, each body is completely unique from any other of its kind. Caring for them as irreplaceable and totally individual is life changing and life enhancing.


Copyright © 2020 by Lara Stillo


I've been working professionally in the massage therapy field full-time since 2001, teaching and writing MT courses since 2006, and am Certified in both Orthopedic Massage and Clinical Rehabilitative Massage. My experience has led me through working with different chiropractors, hotel and boutique spas, corporate massage, a climbing gym wellness center, private practice, two different massage schools, an acupuncture/massage college, and my current capacity of working with physical therapy clinics and their patients. The learning continues…

4 thoughts on “Bodies Are Like Plants?

  1. Such a great fitting comparison of our body and plants! Can relate very well.
    Just looked at the plans at the window sill, sometimes they need to get “saddened leaves” to receive needed care. Too dangerous to be like that with our body, it’s much more complicated. Thank you for good reminders and encouragement to treat my body with gratitude, love and care.

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    1. =) Thank you for reading and sharing, Anastasia – appreciate, very! And yes, it’s best not wait for the “saddened leaves” effect to take place in our body. Wonderful example, strong visual. Hoping you are taking great care of you 😉


  2. Good one!!!!! I like the comparison… It set up such a understandable image, but I’ve killed many a plant😕🤣🤣

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    1. =)! I have to be careful with house plants, too! But the example is practical and useful, isn’t it? It always helps me, and hope it does help others, too! Thanks very much for reading and commenting:)


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